Lana Jewelry Reckless Large Hoop Earrings with Black Diamonds Uhitw

Lana Jewelry Reckless Large Hoop Earrings with Black Diamonds Uhitw
Lana Jewelry Reckless Large Hoop Earrings with Black Diamonds

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To be so warped in ones mental processes (perhaps I am giving them too much credit to suggest any neurons are firing at all) that you would happily band together with other ghoulish individuals to stymie a film’s reception in the eyes of fans, is truly a sad sight, and one that is utterly insensible. However, voting with one’s feet and in turn your wallet is another kettle of fish entirely.

There is little harm, in fact no harm at all, in boycotting a movie, franchise or whatever else because your animadversions have gone so long unheard, and then convincing others to your cause with thoughtful arguments. This is all well and good. I happen to vote with my wallet frequently and in fact should do so more often. If you want a franchise or organisation to change, withholding your cash is perhaps the best way to encourage it. However, what is wholly unacceptable are the acts planned and seemingly already enacted by the aforementioned gang of miscreants. If I’ve not already made it clear, let me attempt to do so again: hurting a film’s reputation in the eyes of audiences, without any intention of seeing said movie, is pathetic, sad, and desperately insipid, no matter how noble you believe your cause to be.

For DC fans among our readership, who are seemingly the driving force behind this gaggle of imbeciles (though, I doubt their authenticity and they are surely condemned by decent folk among the fandom), let me see if I can interest you in the following. If I, as someone who is wholly averse to the direction of the DCEU, but simultaneously holds great affection for Batman as a character, banded together with others who shared my sentiments to maliciously sabotage future entries in the franchise by providing horrible review scores to Rotten Tomatoes, without knowledge of said films, so that less people would in turn view these movies and in hope that Warner Bros. would go back to making Batman films I want to see, what, my friends, would you think of me? Not very much, I imagine. And you would be right to do so.

With all the above being said, it seems to me that these heroic resistance fighters, warring so bravely against the tyranny of Disney, are capable of little impact, their great efforts mostly without consequence. However, the very idea behind it, the very thinking that goes into such an endeavour, should be met with the utmost contempt. And if you happen to be one of these very individuals, I suggest you take a good long hard look in the mirror. Get a grip, find a hobby, read a book, put your energy into something productive. Surely you can conjure some miniscule respect for your time, at least more so than what you have so far demonstrated.

Samuel Brace

Filed Under: Articles and Opinions , Movies , Samuel Brace Tagged With: Black Panther , Star Wars: The Last Jedi

View Austria GDP and Economic Data

Over the past ten years, New Zealand has never slipped below fourth place in the Global Peace Index. Scoring almost perfect marks in the domains of domestic and international conflict, militarization and societal safety, New Zealand is widely considered a wonderful country to live in.

At around the same size as the United Kingdom but with a population of just 4.7 million people, New Zealand ranks at the top in health status and above the average among OECD members when it comes to education, jobs and earnings. All this, however, comes at a cost: the shortage of affordable housing is increasingly making difficult for people with low incomes to buy homes, with the gap between rich and poor considered the top economic issue facing New Zealand by 20% of its citizens.

View New Zealand GDP and Economic Data

Icelanders can sleep well at night: they live in the most peaceful country in the world. No news is good news when it comes to tranquil Iceland: it is the tenth year in a row that it retains the number one spot. With no standing army, navy or air force and the smallest population of any NATO member state (about 350,000 people), Iceland also enjoys record-low crime rates, an enviable education and welfare system and ranks among the best nations in terms of jobs and earnings and subjective sense of wellbeing.

Iceland has also managed the impossible: with 97% of the citizens describing themselves as middle and working class, tension between economic classes is often described as "non-existent." Is it really any wonder that Iceland is also one of the happiest countries in the world?

View Iceland GDP and Economic Data


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Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.

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